Are you a purpose filled, inspired and ambitious holistic entrepreneur that excitedly entered the well being field to help other people?

Have you discovered that your holistic education, while absolutely satisfying in so many ways, just didn’t prepare you for the real world of knowing exactly how to connect with clients and building a thriving practice?

Do you envision for yourself a full and sustainable practice that allows you the time, money and freedom to live the life you want while practicing your passion?

Is your business EXACTLY where you want it to be or are you instead experiencing the following?

  • Struggling to find enough clients AND keep the ones that are coming through the door.

  • You feel like you are trying SO hard to get your business income to a level that supports you but it isn’t working and you don’t know what is getting in the way leaving you feeling discouraged.

  • You see other Holistic Practitioners struggle to create a thriving Practice so you have resigned yourself to feeling like “that is just the way it is” when you choose to work in this field.

  • You have kept a regular job in addition to your holistic practice because you don’t know if you could make enough money to replace your current income.

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and confused because you aren’t sure what the most important steps are to build a thriving business and what to do first.

  • You want to move into creating ways to leverage your practice but you just don’t know how to do this.

  • Is marketing a total mystery because no one ever taught you ALL the important things you needed to know to fill your practice and keep it consistently full, especially not with the SPECIFIC how-to details and guidance you need.

  • You have continually invested in learning more modalities thinking that maybe that was the trick to create a steady income?

I had such a passion to help others but I didn’t know the first steps to take so I went to work for a company – then that company decided to close down and left me with two options – take over the lease and go it on my own OR look for another J.O.B. This was a real crossroads for me and it was very scary to even contemplate being an entrepreneur.

But I took a leap of faith and took over the businesses building lease and equipment. There weren’t any clients other than those I had already been working with – so I started pretty much from scratch.

Then I discovered how little I knew about business. I worked 7 days a week wearing the many hats of a small business owner. You know – marketing wizard (ha!), receptionist, book keeper, therapist and yes, janitor!

I made a lot of mistakes, cost myself a TON of time and energy (not to mention money) by not knowing what do or even what I needed such as basic business strategies and systems.

Now my passion includes helping other holistic entrepreneurs eliminate wasted time, effort and money and so that they leap into a practice that nurtures their spirit while providing them with their desired income.

“Increased bookings by 40% and doubled my take home pay!” Since being coached by Shelene, I have increased my bookings by 30% and I am now on my way to increase it another 40% by the end of 2012, I also gave myself a raise. Much more than that, Shelene has been there to help direct me toward a more successful business and has provided me with invaluable insights and guidance as a clinic owner. Success is a team sport, and I am proud to say Shelene is definitely a key member of my success team!

-Jena Inay The Bodywell

“The templates are a time saver and I am staying on track with my
biz vision, getting closer to my goals!”

“Shelene has been an absolute god-send. It’s amazing having her
support. Shelene not only understands what I’m dealing with. I love that
she can see the bigger picture of what’s going on for me as well as getting into the details. The templates have been such a time saver for me and the regular coaching has really helped me stay on track with the overall vision. I dread to
think where I’d be right now if I hadn’t started coaching with her. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Thank you Shelene!
The Haven

“Brought back 4 clients immediately!”

Thanks so much Shelene for your encouragement, great advice and guidance. Sometimes being in survival mode makes it so hard to see the big picture or to even just take a breath. I implemented your advice and immediately brought back four clients! My spirits have been lifted. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Tonya Brooks-Taylor, LMT

“Practical and Magical coaching!”

Shelene Taylor coached me through my time as a fledgling when writing a website was the only thing on my mind to where I am today, which is running a successful business that brings me both joy and income. Her coaching skills are empowering and motivating. She is always so encouraging but at the same time powerful, giving me the courage to move forward and make my business happen, to get out there in the world in a big way. Her input during our coaching sessions is always spot on and both practical and magical at the same time. Shelene knows how to ask the right questions, and she always has my success as her goal, which motivated me to see myself and my business from a whole new perspective. Her kind but honest and knowledgeable coaching through my fears, my successes, my entrance into the business world - all of this is invaluable in my business and my life.

So, if you are struggling, just starting out or would like to up level your business skills this is the perfect program for you! It is designed to get the wheels of your business turning and create momentum so that you experience a breakthrough and put things in place that will serve you for as long as you decide to be in business. It will provide you with proven and practical strageties that you can implement immediately to increase your income.

Live Q and A calls are Tuesdays at 10 MST AZ

(AZ does not follow Daylight savings time) these calls will be recorded.
Enjoy these calls even after you graduate from the program so that you
continue to get Marketing support and mentoring!

Steady Stream of Clients Program Module Descriptions:

Confident Communication Skills to get to YES!

We didn’t get into this business to sell, we are healers and the thought of having to have a “selling” conversation just makes us cringe. In this class I will teach you how to get comfortable and become confident in answering the question “what do you do?” as well as how to get a yes answer when talking with prospective clients that inquire about your services. In addition you will learn how to up sell your packages or treatment programs and make the rebooking conversation a natural part of your client care. This one class alone has the all the components to create a 50% or more increase in revenue for you!

Taking the Madness and Mystery out of Marketing

I will take the madness and the mystery out of Marketing – you will learn the two tracks of relationship based marketing - ClientReach and ClientNurture. You will receive a done for you 30 day marketing plan that will tell you step by step what actions to take. It is a marketing plan that you can use over and over, with the added value of the test, track and measure strategy that is an amazing tool. Plus, done for you templates and tracking forms. You will also learn to connect with meaningful and lucrative joint venture partners, and create your circle of influence to support your vision. Put your client retention on auto pilot – this is the number one thing that will really increase your income.

Scripting & Systems

Gain confidence by having systems in place that support your values, as well as allowing your biz to run more smoothly. Scripts to bring smoothness to your interviewing and exit language to make the best of each clients visit. Setting gracious and effective boundaries, this isn’t necessarily a black and white issue – so learn how to make the distinction to keep good clients happy and learn how to gracefully deal with difficult clients. This will save you time and money; we often don’t realize how much effort it can take to mange someone else’s “bad” behavior.

Signature Client Experience

Create your custom Signature client experience – design an unforgettable experience that will keep your clients coming back again and again. We will also look at how to create more choices for your clients, not by adding additional modalities though; this is about creating an experience so that you expand your revenue. Learn the formula to keep what is working and eliminate what isn’t determined by cost versus revenue profit.


Adding multiple streams of income – create simplified leverage so that you are not just trading dollars for hours. I will share my strategies and step by step methods of adding leveraged income. Our industry is based upon a dollar for hour’s model, but there are many ways to supplement that so that you utilize your space, talents and experience to maximize your income.

The Steady Stream of Clients program is designed in a structured and simplified way so that you can quickly and easily implement the components into your business. This is what you will receive:

You will receive a training call with specific content and an action step to take during the week. You will also receive the exercises and templates or checklists that go with each call.

A bonus seventh call is available for you to listen to at your convenience.

We will meet live on the phone for Q & A as well as spotlight laser coaching designed to assist you in moving through your challenges and help you to quickly and easily implement the material you learned in the training call. As a certified coach I not only bring my real life successful business wisdom to the table but also a method that will quickly and easily move you into the right mindset for your personal success. Success can also trigger fears, fears of not being enough or giving enough or even not deserving success. These coaching calls will help you move through any fears that may arise.

Recordings of all calls – if you can’t attend the whole call or miss a
call entirely, no worries, all calls are recorded.

Transcripts of all calls- if you want to copy and paste, or use any language or other information
that I share then these transcripts are available for you to do so. These transcripts
will also be part of your business tools for life.

You will receive done for you scripts, checklists and forms that you can use over and over again!

Your investment is a fraction of the total value of this Program!

Business Building Training Calls: (value $997)

SIX training calls that provide you with proven and practical information that will deliver results, with an action step and done for you forms so that you integrate your new skills in your business immediately.

Coaching Calls: (Value $1997)

We will meet live on the phone monthly for Q & A as well as spotlight laser coaching designed to assist you in moving through your challenges and help you to quickly and easily implement the material you learned in the training call.

Bonus Call – Mindset creates Momentum
Webinar - listen at your convenience. (Value $197)

Live Q and A calls are Tuesdays at 10 MST AZ

(AZ does not follow Daylight savings time) these calls will be recorded.
Enjoy these calls even after you graduate from the program so that you
continue to get Marketing support and mentoring!

Business Building Kit (Value $597)

Branding & Niche workbooks
Client policies
Volume productivity calculator
Rebooking Scripts
Smart Scheduling Strategies EBook

Exclusive Moderated Forum (Value $297)

Our work as holistic service providers is inherently a professionally lonely type of business and connecting with other likeminded entrepreneurs in this forum will support you and I will be checking in to moderate and answer any questions.

Total Value $4,085

Your total investment of this program at $697 is an absolute fraction of the value! Why am I giving you such an amazing deal? Because I have a mission – and it is to show other ambitious holistic entrepreneurs how to combine their purpose with the right actions to create profitability and success.

Think about the amount of time you spent learning your craft, not to mention the hours and perhaps years of experience you have developed – this program is just a small fraction of that time and money investment but will absolutely transform your business into the practice you have always wanted. This program is perfect for you if you are:

  • Starting from scratch and committed to building a wildly successful practice that makes a big difference in the world.
  • Already making ends meet but are stuck at a plateau and headed towards burnout
  • are ready to focus on creating more purpose and profit
  • want to avoid making time consuming and costly mistakes in your marketing

Live Q and A calls are Tuesdays at 10 MST AZ

(AZ does not follow Daylight savings time) these calls will be recorded.
Enjoy these calls even after you graduate from the program so that you
continue to get Marketing support and mentoring!

If you've been looking for a totally unique, transformational experience to help you catapult your income and increase your satisfaction while increasing your ability to make a BIG difference in the world, then this is the program for you.

So, are you ready for transformation? Sign up TODAY and take your business to the next level of purpose and profit!

Success With Heart,

PS - If you are still wondering if this program is a fit for you please contact me at

Hi, I am Shelene Taylor and I turned my struggling business into a multimillion dollar, multi location success. How?

By learning new skills, taking new action and managing my money well, but most of all by implementing the strategies and systems that would allow me to create a more purposeful and profitable business by being clear on my brand, ideal clients and having a crystal clear plan to follow. And by putting into place a Marketing system that works, when we actively and effectively market we create a steady stream of clients.